The Online Grigsby Cactus Wish Book is almosty ready for you - but not quite yet. We will be introducing a few plants soon.  Be sure to check back often to see whats new! Please don't call the office to ask when - just keep checking back!

Grigsby Cactus Garden Wish Book

Online Edition

Grigsby Cactus Garden Wish Book - Online

The Grigsby Cactus Garden Wish Book has been around since 1964, and we are delighted to welcome you to the Online version here at Grigsby Cactus Gardens.

Many of our plants are hard to find species - which have been nutured over the last 40 years under the perfect Vista sunshine. They are our pride and joy - and we put them into the Wishbook to share them with you. 

The plants in the Wish Book have been grown in small quantities, and are offered for sale to the public only as long as we have inventory of the plants. When a specific plant type becomes unavailable, it is removed from the Wish Book.  Sometimes they become available again - and sometimes they don't. So, if you see something you like, its best to acquire it while it's available.

While browsing through the Wish Book, always remember that these are plants,  and each is a unique individual. No two plants look exactly the same  - just as no two people look exactly the same.  The photos in the Wish Book are representative of the plant you will recieve when you order - but they are not the exact plant you will recieve.  Each plant shipped is carefully selected for appearance and health - you may rely upon recieving a quality indiviual. 

Speaking of the photos of our plants - we take them all, right here. Taken by one of our own team members - we hope the pictures capture the essence and personality of the species,  in a way that helps you envision it in your own garden or home.

If your new to growing cati and succulents, you might enjoy this article.   It has some good, basic advice to help you enjoy success with your new plants.

Also - you will find that we do not accept online purchases at all.  When you order from the Wish Book, or the occasional special Wish List, you may review, and consider your purchase in a traditional online store environment,   and then print and fax the contents of your shopping cart to us - which serves as your order.  

When we receive your fax, we will verify available stock, and contact you by telephone to confirm your order, and provide you with a final price, including shipping.  

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Are you a Serious Collector / Aficionado?  You migh want to subscribe to the Grigsby Cactus Wish Letter.  As a subscriber,  you will receive special offers sent direct to your email box about once a month or so.  Allways in limited supply, some of the most unusual plants we offer are only made available via the Wish Letters, and never make it into the Wish Book catalog at all.  Many of the plants in the Wish Letters are difficult to maintain, and not for the beginner.

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